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April birthstones are Diamond and Clear Quartz. May birthstones are Emerald and Chrysoprase.

Birthstone for Sagittarius Zodiac Sign : Lucky Birthstone for 22nd November to 21st December

The zodiac symbol for Gemini is the Twins. Gemini, the Twins, is the third astrological sign in the Zodiac. The zodiac element for Gemini is Air.

What Is Your Astrology Sign?

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. June birthstones are Pearl and Moonstone. The zodiac symbol for Cancer is the Crab. Cancer, the Crab, is the fourth astrological sign in the Zodiac. The zodiac element for Cancer is Water. Cancer is ruled by the Moon. July birthstones are Ruby and Carnelian. The zodiac symbol for Leo is the Lion. Leo, the Lion, is the fifth astrological sign in the Zodiac. The zodiac element for Leo is Fire. Leo is ruled by the Sun. August birthstones are Peridot and Sardonyx. The zodiac symbol for Virgo is the Virgin. Virgo, the Virgo, is the sixth astrological sign in the Zodiac.

The zodiac element for Virgo is Earth. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury. There are a lot of gems in the world that are transparent yellow-green, but very few exhibit this range of color when exposed to light. The gift of an alexandrite stone is a wonderful way to express your love with all your loved ones because just like there is more than just yellow-green alexandrite, there is more to love than just romantic love. This red color comes from the chromium present in the ruby. There is something special about rubies that have made them absolutely fascinating to humans for millennia.

The most valuable rubies in the world are called pigeon-blood, after the dark-red with blue undertones that makes them look eerily like blood. This similarity to the color of blood has caused an association with vitality and physical strength. Today, a ruby makes a great gift for someone who could use a reminder that they are full of energy and life and have a lot to offer the world around them. Peridot is the term used to differentiate gem-quality olivine from lesser specimens.

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Peridot is always a yellow green and the darker a specimen, the more valuable it is. The darkness of the stone is dictated by the amount of iron present.

November Birthstones — Topaz and Citrine

Ancient records indicate that the Egyptians mined peridot on an island in the Red Sea, but the location was lost until it was relocated in Since then, new deposits of ultra-high quality stones that are larger, more opaque, and darker colored than previously discovered deposits.

One of the distinctive characteristics of peridot and a chief distinction from other similarly colored gems, such as emeralds is that their color is the same in both natural and artificial light. This ability to give off the same green glow at night led to their association with great beauty, especially in Egyptian culture. Unlike the beauty of those wearing these stones, peridot is susceptible to breaking easily and require a lot of preventive care to continue looking its best. Today, the gift of a peridot can tell the recipient that they light up a room regardless of the circumstances they are in.

There is evidence that lapis lazuli has been mined since 4, BC in Afghanistan and had been a hot trade commodity with other developing civilizations like the Egyptians. Lapis is a soft gemstone which made it easier to work with by hand. Unlike many gems, the color blue that is characteristic of lapis lazuli is pretty uniform across most specimens.

The chief difference in appearance is the concentration and arrangement of pyrite crystals that dot the exterior of lapis specimens.

Your Birthstones by Month, Color & Sign

After Alexander the Great conquered Egypt and parts of Persia, he began importing lapis along with many other gems to his home in Macedonia and eventually the rest of Europe. In Europe, lapis was ground up and used as a paint pigment called ultramarine. Ultramarine was unique among the other blue pigments available because it did not lose its color when exposed to direct sunlight.

This made it very expensive.

Birthstones for November

This true blue stone has since become associated with encouraging honesty in your relationships and making better decisions, making lapis lazuli the perfect gift for Frank Underwood or the other politicians in your life. Opals, like tourmaline, can exhibit a wide variety of colors. The difference, an opal diffracts light and can display all the colors of the rainbow simultaneously.

For this reason, it has been considered great luck throughout history as it was thought to possess all the value of each gemstone in the opals color spectrum. Citrine is one of the rarest varieties of Quartz found in nature. Natural citrine has only been found in Spain, France, Hungary, and Arran a small island off of Scotland.

Despite this it has become the second most popular variety of Quartz in jewelry after amethysts.

Jewelers had even been heat treating some lower quality amethysts and smoky Quartz gems to change the color to a shade of yellow or reddish yellow to more closely resemble citrines to keep up with a growing demand. This popularity was due to the lack of affordable gold gems on the market.

Gold gems are attractive because they channel the power of the sun and all of the positivity associated with it. Citrines are believed to improve your mood and appreciate your surroundings, which is quite appropriate for the month that includes Thanksgiving. Giving a citrine as a gift is a great way to tell someone that they radiate joy and make you experience their joy. The cirtine is diametrically opposite to its November cousin in quality and disposition.

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While the topaz is associated with passion, intensity and determination, the Citrine has taken on the more gentle qualities of men; peace, prosperity, loyalty, healing and creativity. They are resilient and passionate about power and love. Their life pursuit is to survive through all opposition. Scorpios lead fate-filled lives and have extensive intense and a dramatic personal relationships.

Even as kids, they are often found to be wise beyond their years. Passion, power, and desire go hand in hand with them. Wearing a Topaz dissipates the fog of misunderstandings for Scorpio, since you have trouble maintaining relationships when you confuse disloyalty with superficial disagreements. The topaz is known for its associated qualities of strength, tenacity, dedication and resilience. The this November birthstone is believed to balance emotions and thoughts for a harmonious lifestyle.

The gemstone is used to enhance spirituality, promote wisdom and cut through troubles and confusion to bestow clear thought and reasoning prowess on the wearer of the stone. The topaz was often used in the crowns and rings worn by rulers, diplomats, dignitaries and royalty. The Citrine is a golden hued gemstone that encourages vitality and promotes good health of the wearer. These gemstones range in color from light yellow tones to deep orange hues.

The stones have longed been believed to bring hope, strength, vitality and energy to the wearer. According to legend, the Topaz was believed to control heat, having the power to cool boiling water and consequently, anger in a person, cutting through their despair, rage or confusion and lending clarity of thought to the wearer of the gemstone. During the Middle Ages, the stone was used by Royalty and Clergy.

An interesting although strange belied entailed that the topaz engraved with a Falcon enabled the wearer to cultivate the goodwill of emperors and kings, thus bestowing peace and prosperity to the land. Earthy, Radiant And Impressive. In the times of old, the Romans associated the Topaz with their Sun God and the largest planet of our Solar system, Jupiter.