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Temperance talks about two things that are very different coming together. I used all upright cards here, so I read this bearing in mind that any card could be read as reversed. So maybe I hit a breaking point when the two parts remember about that 2 of Wands up there! Oh, so fitting in more ways than one. Next, I stood before the Emperor. In a court of law. Suddenly, I had fallen right off of that 6 of Wands horse and I stood before a reckoner. So many people could be represented by this Emperor. The Judge.

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My lawyer? The consequences of hanging around with the guy I fell in love with unfortunately? Perhaps my own father, as we prepared to undergo a true test of our father-daughter relationship… And then: Death. Again, perhaps cognitive reframing has worked in my therapy for PTSD after all that happened during this time. Because I would expect to see, again, a more ominous and painful card here. I remember what I wrote on Facebook that day.

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Two weeks after that, I sorrowfully entered the court room once again, this time to get a no-contact order that would keep me safe from the guy who did it to me. Three of Swords , hell yeah. This was gut-wrenching pain— not even fear anymore, as he twisted my arm slowly around in its socket and told me what he planned to do to us both.

This person I loved had lapsed into opiates again and was withdrawing. He became a psychotic, terrifying demon version of what I thought I knew him to be. Three months- three swords. Pieces of my heart chipped away every day. This was not supposed to happen.

The card that stalked me almost all year. Memories are just… memories. Create something with your artistic talent, your Fire energy— create one last shrine to all the things that are over, done with and will never ever return. Look how much time has been wasted staring at these damned spilled cups. Only now I understand why the 8 of Cups has been stalking me.

To not think about those events as The Tower or the 10 of Swords.

To not be stuck in that that victim holding pattern in the 8 of Swords. To let the stage that the 9 of Swords inevitably led me through GO once the lessons have been learned. Step two is to endure the pain. But it will come to you one day like a lightning bolt of realization.

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Look at it differently. I realize that I am suddenly more at ease with a lot of my oldest and most intense triggers. The past really is gone. Divine guidance about the synchronicities that will bring you together timing may be indicated here if you are indeed about to be united 8. Outcome — Shows the most likely outcome in terms of serving together with your Twin Flame in this incarnation.

My readiness to serve in Twin Flame Capacity is represented by the Fool, reversed. Um, I swear I got rid of all reversed cards when I shuffled. Just looking at the card…. I may be making assumptions about my own maturity level that are distorted. I may be limiting myself intensely by basing every decision I make on past experiences failures and expecting the worst outcome in all risk-taking endeavors.

A few additional notes I have on the reversed Fool: unfocused. No vision. Good at ignoring warnings. Blocking or forcing manifestation. Eccentricity which crosses the line into delusional-ity. This card tells me that I must gain more maturity and stability before I am ready for Twin Flame work. Art the written word included are the platforms on which I stand. I am a visionary; this much is certain. I enjoy mentoring people, motivating people, uniting people… but I need an audience. If no one is listening or if it FEELS that way , out come all of my defense mechanisms and negative energies.

Ah, I had no idea how to read this card in this position, so I had to pull out the books and brush up on my knowledge! The 9 of Pentacles as a soul purpose would describe someone who has done a LOT of work, made a LOT of important connections, and is now taking this time to relax. She is older than I— we can tell by her stability, self-reliance, and history of hard work. More specifically, I see someone surrounded by nature. I also see someone who is on their own by choice. Not very romantically inclined, but certainly well known and loved by many.

It is said to be residual from a past life. A few cards back number 2, to be precise , I was browsing through my tarot journal at the King of Wands page. Now, I am doing the same thing on the Magician page. There is a karmic lesson right there. There is, of course, a certain degree of re-arranging one can do in their routines, scenery, perspectives, etc.

Capricorn Weekly Tarot Card Reading for January 7 - 13, 2019

Another karmic lesson I see in the Magician card is in the proper use of channeling. The Magician card has said ties to the written word again , messages and speech. Perhaps a karmic lesson here would be in my ability to effectively transmit ideas and information in a way that actually serves a PURPOSE, not just arbitrarily for the hell of it.

This rings my resonance bell. A whole lot of creative energy mostly in the form of words , but not a whole lot of follow through. Can I tell you a secret? He is all exterior—you see his outside, but not is inside, she is all interior—you get to know her inside, but her outside is hidden. He is standing, she sitting, he is moving, she is still. His red with her blue.

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His conscious, active mind to her subconscious, dreaming mind, his reason to her intuition. She also speaks of the maturity and grace that comes from experience AND intuition. As a Karmic Lesson, the High Priestess is implying an issue with hidden knowledge, patience, mood and emotional regulation, using gifts of intuition properly, and seeking answers through dreams. How we are already connected — 7 of Pentacles. Pentacles is the one suit I am very deficient in in my life.

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  4. Trying to remain optimistic and think outside the box. So, the Pentacles suit is really… my struggle right now. I have nothing to offer. Again with the Pentacles. Okay, so what would the King of Pentacles advice? The Ace of Cups as an outcome would suggest a state of emotional openness and newness. The Ace of Cups brings about spiritual love, empathy, establishing a bond, going to a deeper level within a relationship. This sounds like a romantic connection, but I see it very differently.

    I learned about her from Tyler's Tarot. There is a seven day turn around so I should have my reading in a few days. She's pretty straight forward and to the point. I feel like her past general for my sign definitely resonated. Do anyone of you all watch her or follow? Thanks x 2. Jun 17, 2. I follow her too and am interested on purchasing a reading before July 1st. I just may.. Her soulmate readings are good. Jun 17, 3. Thanks x 1. Jun 25, 4. She picked up on so much and I couldn't be more happier. I'll def be returning. Thanks x 3. Jan 11, 5. She has opened up her readings.

    Do you guys suggest getting one from her? Jan 11, 6. I don't like her but her readings seem decent. Jan 11, 7. I've tried to watch her and always tune out. I'm glad that your reading was on point, how much did you pay? Her tone of voice is too harsh for me, it literally hurts my ears; her vibration is just too coarse for me. I have a burning question I need answered Thanks x 3 LOL! Jan 11, 8. Jan 12, 9.

    Thanks x 2 LOL! Jan 12, How do you get a reading from her?

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    Jan 16, Her booking information is provided in her YT readings. You should see a link that will take you to her PayPal page. She also has instructions regarding the next steps after you submit payment. Jan 21, The reading she gave me really resonated and put a lot into perspective. Some parts of it really hurt to hear.