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So new, in fact, that not everyone was initially up to speed with, say, the breakneck bpm of grime, or the heavy bass wobbles of dubstep. For those who know this tune, it has the most beastly second drop, which would get rewinds even though it came two thirds of the way through the record.

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I remember muttering to myself in a haze of weed smoke and Guinness that it was "all about the second Drop". I texted my best mate James to tell him I had a name for our new label whose first release would be a then little-known producer called Ramadanman, in May of that year. Well, it was supposed to be a secret, anyway.

As Mark Gurney remembers: "The core dubstep cognoscenti had been caning their tunes Everything Cool and Soulz for months, but nothing was officially known about them. As you walked into Plastic People and on to the dark dancefloor, the decks had been covered by a white mesh screen, a ruse to conceal the identity of the act. But as the hardcore fans had been there since the doors opened we'd seen everyone who'd come in and out of the club. Also, the fact that Benga's Afro was strikingly outlined behind the screen probably didn't help ….

A petition was quickly issued, with fans celebrating the club's diversity, and the infamous Plastic People survived. As a result, the night has lived to inspire a new generation, collaborating with the radio station Rinse, and continuing to do what it does best — celebrating young talent. Elijah, of grime label Butterz Recordings, says: "I was going before I started to DJ, it was part of the reason I started to buy records, then part of the reason I wanted to take DJing seriously, then once I did that it was my aim to play there myself.

She was in fact talking about Martyn, a producer and DJ. Topics Clubbing Music blog.

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Capt South T. Lynn July 6, at am. They tend to drop the possessive apostrophe 50 years or so after original use. Sandra Kaye August 4, at pm.

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I knew Tad Jones. Great guy and great researcher. Reginald Jackson August 4, at pm. Baptismal birth records were actually more accurate than city or town records in those days. Joanne E. Rameka August 4, at pm. Is THAT all you got out of that article? Grammar and definitions?

The 0 year is always the first year of the century…just as it was in the 1st century.

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Norris August 5, at am. Except there was no year 0. The calendar starts at 1AD. Bob "Hubba Jubba" Moss August 5, at am. DJ August 5, at pm. Paul-Emile Chenois July 5, at pm. Some books say that Louis declared himself one year older to be eligible for military service. Give us feedback! Do you know of a Joni-related event we've not listed here?

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Email the information to us and we'll post it here. You can also request our official Facebook page to co-host the event, and we'll pick up the info there. The band's recently released cd 'Shades Of Joni' illustrates their well-defined, warm interpretations of some of the finest songwriting and performance of the twentieth century. Producer and bassist, Scott Petito assembles a world class ensemble, with some of the most well-respected musicians working today, to interpret the timeless music of the genius from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

The Stone Balloon. Joni Mitchell - In Concert,. Big Sur Folk Festival One-sided romance and Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.