By using date of birth 10 december numerology

Mine is 8. I have three sevens in my birthdate, but none consecutive. My birth date adds up to 8. I have read that many who are empaths fall overwhelmingly into certain types when using this test.

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Great topics, Leslie A. Hi Fiona, I guess I am a little new here…. The B Bears changed for me in early from an E to an A…I will send you a separate email with details soon as I know this section is for the Numerology Survey. Without giving you the year my DOB is June 3 — which is funny? As I mentioned, I will send you another email soon, with more detail about myself and my thoughts. Thanks for everything you are doing. I think you are absolutely awesome!!

My sequence added to 30 so my number is 3! I forsure thought it was berenstEin bears.. According to your formula my number is 6,my solar sign is libra and lunar sign is leo. The indian lunar chart is the original science created by sage bhrigu,a sign lasts for 54 hours and the whole circle completes in 27 days.

The 54 hour sign,rashi, is divided into 24 hour periods called nakshatra,this 24 hour period is further divided into 6 hour intervals in total with each interval denoting an alphabetical initial to be used for naming the individual. You have to feed the time and date of birth and the coordinates of the place, into the software.

How to Calculate Your Life Path Number

I have used this astrology with amazing and startling results,the science deeply impressed Jung and motivated him to expand the synchronicity to include space and time along with simultaneous occurence. Excellent insights as usual, Vivek, thank you! Also, I apparently have a completely wrong story of how my dog was named. I have an 11 as a starting number and a 33 in the process. My number is 3, and I have a 3 in the actual date.

I tend to notice 1s and 3s quite a lot—when looking at a clock, for example, or in the number of replies at a message board or YouTube video. All righty, here goes. I always blamed that on my college days being chemically enhanced until recently though. Lots of ME which all started in for me. I found Cynthia Sue Larson while trying to make sense of it at the time, but had a lot of self doubt. My birth date is a 5. Not sure if that counts as a master number?

Several ME memories. Some very desturbing to me. To the extent of questioning my mind and my life. Not sure it is relevant. But, what I do remember as a child is looking at the stars a lot. A few ME experiences with movies songs but the most disturbing is the movement of countries. My sign is Aquarius. I have, to my knowledge, experienced only a handful of ME memories. Mendela and Graham both died. Jiffy, Bernstein, australia moved, sun changed this past fall, time shifted somehow around or Also recall issues with when Nixon resigned and when challenger blew up.

My spouse is a 4 and has several ME memories. Challenger dates brought me here, Older brother and older sister remember , I am positive about Thought it odd that these two years coincided with the three years i experienced out of body astral projection type episodes. And I kept wondering why branding was changing..

Fruit Loops, Jif, Looney Toons, because it all seemed much cheesier..

December 10 Birthday Horoscope — Zodiac Sign Personality

And it is not the current timeline. Each change that has been made in the curent timeline and you are missing a lot of movie quotes here is a dumbing down of the content, meaning, message, or grammar. It literally has taken the soul out of each and every memory. I refuse to give up my memories. I know what I was given. And no one is taking it away from me. What I have learned this last day is one more step towards me becoming an Ascended Master. They hid it from us long ago. I dont think there is anything to numerology.

That said, ill play along.

My bday numbers add to My number is an 11, which reduces to 2. I am an aquarius born in How super interesting. This ME rabbit hole is something else, eh? My numerology birth date number is 8, no 11,22 or 33 in the process. No known ME experiences I can recall specifically, although once brought to my attention I do recall general memories i. My number is 6. This is crazy when you said 11,22, and 33 are special.

Adding my month and birth date digits together equals Adding all four digits of the year I was born equals 22 so adding my entire birth date together equals My birth date adds up to 7. There is a 22 in my birth date. I have several ME memories. My numerology birth number is 22, and my actual birthday is on the 11th. I have several Mandela effect memories. And she has several Mandela effect memories as well, mostly the same ones I have. My birth date number is 27 reduced to 9.

I have most pop culture alternate memories from the 90s to present day. Mine is 4 with one master number 11 and, I have many of the same Mandela Effect memories as others. My apologies, I misunderstood and didnt add up the final total. You are correct. If its relevant I also have many odd memories.

Birthdate/Birthday Months and Days for 1999

Important: I do not want your actual birth date. Additional information? I will add my sign , since it might help. Full date is [Edited]. I keep having this feeling today that we have had this conversation before. Hi, Fiona! For now, all I can do is apologize.

My bday number is 6. With 11 in the date and adding up to I have tried this but I am discalculate and your instructions are not clear enough for me. I hope that makes more sense. My single digit ended up being a 6. My Birthday numbers added up to Mines adds up to 6. My birth date adds up to 3; no master numbers.

I have several Mandela Effect memories. Also, not sure if this is relevant, but I have two 1s, two 2s and two 9s in my birthdate. My birthday number is 7. I have many alternate extremely frustrating memories! My birthday number is 5, no master numbers. I have 4 Mandela Effect memories. Thanks for polling us, Fiona! My number is 2.

My comment from Dec. No worries. First, I am a 6.

Your Personality Profile:

Julia, thanks for the information. Also, thanks for mentioning the comment, so I have a chance to explain to everyone reading this: The missing comment may have come in after I turned off my computer on Saturday, and — though I rarely go online, on Sundays — I spent only about 35 minutes at this site, yesterday.

Know Your LUCK Based on Your Date Of BIRTH! - Numerology - Science and Astrology - VTube Telugu

My number is a 3, with no other numbers of significance in the sequence. I have numerous ME memories, the strongest of which are still the geography related memories. My birth datenumber is 2- my numbers add up to I have a few alternate memories. Mine is 5, derived from total count of Multiple memories. I have a few alternate memories which I only became aware of this year.

My number is 4 I was born on the 11th I have many MEs. Also Scorpio and year of the ram. My number is 9. No significant numbers. I have many mandela effect memories. My birthdate is 8, no special numbers. My number is a 1. I have one 11 in my bday I am an Aquarius sun sign on the tropical chart. Before I reduced it to 6, 33 was what the added up to. My birthdate is: 4 I was born on the 22nd of the month: 22 My birthdate adds up to 22 before I add the twos together: 22 I have many Mandela Effect memories.

After seeing my numbers in the post, I just realized that I was born at Does that imply anything? Later on in life you find the growing need for independency, and when you finally find the ideal or cause you are passionate about, you will discover you have all the self-discipline, responsibility and passion needed to live up to your expectational potential to become an inspired and progressive gifted leader.

You are charming and attractive individual, and with that said you rarely have problems attracting friends and admirers. You however may make things much harder for yourself by falling in love with someone living far away or belonging to a very different background than you, making it quite tricky to connect. Although you may encounter obstacles, you should always follow your heart, but with a good measure of clear mind not allowing your idealism of romance rob you of chances of finding real happiness in love.

Your tendency to isolate yourself during stressful times is important for you to keep your sanity, but you also need to keep in touch with your friends and loved ones to keep the connection with the world — which is extremely important for your emotional sanity. Now as far as diet is concerned you really need to be mindful of importance of regular meal schedule as well as healthy and nutritional foods you should be eating. A regular and moderate exercise on a daily basis will make sure your bowels are healthy, and it will also keep your body in good shape.

Also make sure you spend sufficient amount of time outside on fresh air and get plenty of sunshine, as it is extremely important for your mood-boosting properties. Politics, event management, community service, careers in these fields may be the ones you will most likely find fulfillment in. There are also other careers you may find drawn to, such as academia, writing, promotions, sales, even therapy. For those of you who prefer artistic expressions, art, film, drama, even architecture is also a promising and tempting career.

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Psychic Nyssa is a Psychic Clairvoyant. As you go into a reading she never knows what information is going to come forth, once you ask a question the flow starts happening and she will tell you all she sees, hears, senses etc. The astral sign of Sagittarius, ruled by the planet Jupiter — the philosopher, and the birth date ruler Sun — the individual, with birth stone of Turquoise Your remarkable strength of spirit and steady determination to achieve goals is a defining characteristic of yours.

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