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Every path has primary and secondary influences

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Numerology – analysis of the date of birth

Online 57 readers c — webdesign R3D. Leaving so soon? The moment of coincidence often determines our future. Follow us on Facebook! Birthday number 3: You have a highly-developed creative talent Birthday number 4: You are a hard worker and a conscientious person Birthday number 5: You love change, travel and adventure Birthday number 6: You are the caretaker and family-oriented Birthday number 7: You possess a highly-developed mind Birthday number 8: You have a talent for business, and a good sense of money Birthday number 9: You are broad-minded, idealistic, and compassionate Birthday number You are highly ambitious and yearn for independence Birthday number You are idealistic and possess a great deal of intuition Birthday number You possess a high degree of artistic talent Birthday number You have a great love of family, tradition, and community Birthday number You easily become bored and need change Birthday number You have an off-beat sense of humor and a gift for languages Birthday number You are driven to understand the unseen world Birthday number Your approach to business is original, creative, and daring Birthday number You are capable of organizing and inspiring others Birthday number You are highly determined and yearn for independence Birthday number You are highly sensitive and very impressionable Birthday number You have a social gift.

Birthdate Numerology – numbers derived from our birth date

Numbers represent more than just a simple value; they are powerful symbolic expressions that affect all aspects of nature and technology. Numbers give us goals, direction and a sense of who we are.

They begin shaping us long before we even understand their numerical or worldly importance. Words and dates can be reduced down to a single number based on numerology. This value is called a vibratory number and each has a significant meaning.

Understanding Personal Numerology : How to Calculate Your Birth Number

Your vibratory number, or life path number, can be reached by adding up the sum of the digits in your date of birth and arriving at a single digit number. Your life path number should be used as a guide that gives you tailored insight into your journey.