Worst transits in astrology

Build something wonderful, beautiful, special, and inspiring in its place. Stop running from the inner demons and look them straight in the eye until they blink first.

Astrology of Being Your Own Worst Enemy

Pluto can be represented by the phoenix rising from the ashes, so know that you can rise again from any failure. But the reality is, this is happening because it needs to happen for some reason. Your life needs to be shaken up, you need to be shaken up. More discipline is required of you, no matter how hard that may be. Think about the changes you want to make and research, craft plans, gather information, and get yourself as prepared as possible.

Saturn requires two things: learn your lessons and do the right thing. So learn your lessons and do the right thing. Do the right thing means, be responsible, ethical, considerate, smart.

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The great thing about Saturn is that because you work so hard for it, the rewards are so much sweeter. And, because Saturn is Mr. Stability, they also usually last a long time.

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Of the five major aspects, some are considered hard aspects, or angles that bring about more difficulty and discord. Those are opposition and square. The easy aspects sometimes known as soft aspects are sextile and trine, and are considered to be gentler, and more positive and auspicious.

The Worst Astrological Placements

A conjunction isn't generally aligned with either category, considering the strong potential for it to go in either direction depending on the planets involved. But remember, none of this is written in stone: You can certainly have a helpful square or an unproductive trine. It's all in the details, so we can't over-generalize too much.

Conjunction ☌

While there are many different aspects that planets can find themselves in at any given time not to mention so many more factors to consider with each aspect than could ever fit in a single article , these five biggies are a really good place to start. Bustle spoke with astrologer Lisa Stardust and she chimed in about the must-know major aspects in astrology, too. You know your sun, moon, and rising signs ; you know about the twelve astrological houses , and now you're about to know all about major aspects, too.

Why shouldn't you be afraid of negative transits in your natal chart ?

Happy stargazing! This hyper-focused aspect, which obviously occurs when two planets are zero degrees apart, blends the qualities of the two or more planets and makes their combined energy in the particular sign they're sharing extra intense and expressed. If the qualities of the planets involved work well together and are generally positive, it's a great aspect, full of potential for high-energy and action.

But if the planets don't get along so well or bring heavier, more negative vibes, then being trapped in the same lil' sign together can cause some discord or amplify the dark feels. This easy aspect is fun, full of good vibes, and undoubtedly positive. It's a nice break from the stress that other transits can bring and can offer a nice opportunity to chill. The thing about the sextile aspect, though, is that while it is certainly a harmonious one, it's not the most action-oriented, so don't expect it to bring the energy for major shift.

Transits In Astrology

A trine occurs when planets in the same element fire, earth, air, and water aspect each other," Stardust tells Bustle. When planets are working within the signs of the same element, it's bound to make things easier to work with. Trines are to be taken advantage of! Get ready for a lil' bit of drama, because just like the shape itself, a square aspect is chock-full of hard angles and sharp corners, so caution is advised.